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Dr. John Prunskis Named Castle Connolly Top Pain Doctor for the Ninth Time

Illinois Pain Institute is proud to announce that Dr. John Prunskis has been named a Top Pain Doctor by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. for the ninth time. Recognition was awarded by peer nomination, with more than 100,000 medical professionals submitting their picks for the top specialists across the nation and various regions. Upon receiving the […]

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Growing interest and innovation in spinal cord stimulation

In the battle against opioid abuse, spinal cord stimulation is emerging as a safe and effective alternative treatment for long-term relief from pain. While spinal cord stimulation is not a new therapy, growing interest and competition in the market is spurring companies to not just create better devices, but to collect better clinical data to […]

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Ohio State University study links opioids to spinal fusion surgery complications

As the U.S. continues to battle a relentless opioid epidemic, new research out of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus adds more fuel to the notion that opioids aren’t just addictive and ineffective when it comes to pain management – they’re also counterproductive. In a study published in Spine and led by […]

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Congressman Roskam visits Illinois Pain Institute

On March 23, 2018, Congressman Roskam (IL, 6th District), Chairman of the Health subcommittee of the House Ways and Means committee recently visited medical director John Prunskis M.D. at the Illinois Pain Institute and Barrington Pain and Spine institute. Discussions principally revolved around solutions to the opiate narcotic crisis in the United States and the […]

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Exercise Tips for Avoiding Low Back Pain

It may be a natural inclination for those who suffer from low back pain to want to avoid exercise or other movements that may exacerbate their discomfort. However, research shows that exercising can actually help relieve and prevent low back pain, provided you’re doing the right moves. The best exercises for finding relief and protection […]

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Financial Burden of the Opioid Epidemic in Illinois, $92,000 per patient

The effects of the opioid epidemic are widespread, affecting not just those in the throes of addiction but also the health systems that care for them. In an article published last week in Crain’s Chicago Business, writer Kristen Schorsch looked into the toll of the opioid epidemic on Illinois health providers and shared providers’ concerns […]

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shoulder pain exercise

Shoulder Pain Exercises: How to Deal with Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a frequent problem for athletes and non-athletes alike. Common causes include sports injuries such as those from tennis, swimming, and weightlifting, as well as more general injuries from things like gardening, reaching for items on high shelves, and cleaning your house. Some localized shoulder pain can even be traced back to injuries […]

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Melding Medicine and Politics to Create a Safer Society: Interview with Dr. Prunskis

John Prunskis, M.D. FIPP, co-founder of the Illinois Pain Institute, recently had the honor of sharing his story with Bridges, a Lithuanian-American news journal based in the United States. In it, Dr. Prunskis discusses not just his medical career and approach to the precise diagnosis and treatment of painful conditions, but also his Lithuanian heritage […]

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Reprogrammed stem cell

Stem Cells Used to Grow New, Functioning Human Muscles

Stem cell treatments are an especially innovative technique in the research, treatment, and understanding of diseases and injuries. And while we’re already studying the use of stem cells for a variety of conditions to do things like stimulate healing and regeneration of degenerated, painful, or inflamed tissues, researchers are continually discovering groundbreaking new capabilities of […]

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Talking Alternative Pain Treatments in Quintessential Barrington

Our goal at Illinois Pain Institute has always been to treat pain at its source, and not mask it with narcotic medications. In the more than 25 years we’ve been in business, we’ve been proud leaders of innovative, alternative pain treatment methods, and we’re excited to have shared our insights on some of these revolutionary […]

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