Intracept Procedure: What It Is And Key Facts

Intracept Procedure: What It Is And Key Facts

Intracept Procedure: What It Is And Key Facts

If you’re experiencing back pain, then you don’t have to suffer any longer. There are options available to you. If you visit a qualified Chicago pain management center, you can receive both surgical and non-surgical treatment.

One such treatment is called an intracept procedure. Keep reading to learn more about what intracept surgery is, how it works, how it may help you relieve your back pain long-term.

What Is An Intracept Procedure?

The intercept surgery is an outpatient surgery for patients that are suffering from vertebrogenic back pain. This minimally invasive therapy ablates a nerve in your vertebrae.

This helps relieve your pain long term and improve the function of your spine.

How Long Does Pain Relief From The Intracept Operation Last?

Luckily multiple studies have shown that the intracept operation can relieve your pain by 50% or more in most patients.

And almost half of patients saw a 75% improvement in pain or more. What’s more is that about a third of patients were absolutely pain free five years after having the surgery done.

This means you have a very good chance of significantly or completely reducing your low back pain for several years.

Does The Intracept Operation Have To Be Done More Than One Time?

Most likely you will only have to have intracept surgery one time in your life. Pain management specialists are important as they are highly skilled in managing pain.

Who Can Have The Intracept Surgery?

If you have chronic low back pain that has lasted for over six months, then you might be a candidate. This is especially true if you’ve tried other things like physical therapy, medication, and diet without any avail.

If you have vertebrogenic pain like modic changes, then you are a very good candidate for this surgery. Keep in mind that chronic back pain is anything that lasts longer than three months.

So if this sounds like you, then you should certainly consider reaching out to a pain specialist today to understand if this surgery is the right step for your pain.

What Is Intracept Procedure-Related Spine Pain

If your pro-inflammatory mediators from discs leak into the bone, then this can start to lead to lower back pain. This causes a defect in your end plates, which are at the top or bottom of the vertebral body.

Inflammation of the basivertebral nerve leads to pressure on the nerves themselves, causing pain.

What Are Modic Changes?

Chronic endplate inflammation causes lesions on your bone marrow within your vertebral body. This causes pain and can be seen on MRI scans.

How Soon After Intracept Surgery Will You Start Getting Results?

You will start to notice pain reduction in the first couple of weeks after your procedure. However, it may take up to three months for you to see the full benefits of this operation.

Where Is the Intracept Process Performed?

It’s performed in a pain management clinic. It’s done by qualified doctors who specialize in pain reduction surgery.

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You deserve to move about your day without worrying about extreme pain or disability. So reach out today and learn how your life can look completely different with a simple procedure.