Pain Management & Spinal Treatments In Elgin, IL

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Illinois Pain & Spine Institute offers a comprehensive range of treatments and is the leading pain management practice in the area. Our Elgin, IL office specializes in the precise diagnoses and treatment of numerous chronic conditions, such as headaches, lumbar spinal stenosis, arthritis, and chronic neck and back pain. We focus on the identification and treatment of the underlying cause of your pain, which will allow you to gain the highest level of functionality, quality of life, and wellness.

Elgin, Illinois Pain & Spine Institute has award-winning physicians and therapy staff whose mission is to provide effective, innovative pain management solutions to people with chronic pain. Our goals are to reduce your dependence on drugs, eliminate chronic pain, and return you to an independent lifestyle. We promise to deliver the most technologically-advanced therapeutic services currently available. Our minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic services are provided in a caring, supportive environment that contributes to your well-being and overall recovery so you can get back to usual activities and your normal daily routine.

The pain management specialists in Elgin are fellowship-trained and specialize in interventional pain medicine. We have the lowest surgery referral rate in this area. The Elgin pain management team is led by John V. Prunskis M FIPP and Terri Dallas-Prunskis MD, and both doctors have a proven track record of success. These professionals work to find the underlying root of your chronic pain problem.

According to the National Institute of Health, around 20% of adults in the U.S. report physical discomfort that disrupts their sleep. If you need help for neck pain, back pain, extremity pain, headaches, or other painful conditions, please give us a call today!