SI Joint Fusion (LinQ by PainTeq; CornerLoq by Nevro)

SI Joint Fusion (LinQ by PainTeq; CornerLoq by Nevro)

The sacroiliac joints, also called the “SI” joints, are the foundation of the spine, made up of the sacrum — the bony structure above your tailbone — and the top part (ilium) of your pelvis. These complex joints are designed to absorb shock forces and don’t have much flexibility. However, they do move slightly as a person moves their body.

If SI joints become damaged or unstable, it can be extremely painful. Luckily, patients suffering from sacroiliac joint pain have the option of a minimally invasive treatment to relieve painful symptoms and treat instability.

What is CornerLoc® SI Joint Fusion?

CornerLoc® SI Joint Fusion involves using a state-of-the-art cortical bone graft and DBM sponge derived from bone. The procedure is done via two small incisions in the lower back, the shortest and safest route to the SI joint. After careful preparation, the grafts are placed orthogonally within the SI joint, effectively improving joint stability and creating an ideal environment for fusion.

The CornerLoc™ System was specifically designed to achieve optimal results, with minimal surgical invasiveness. The unique design of the grafts allows for immediate stability within the joint and low risk of neural and post-operative complications.

Ideal Candidates

If a patient’s symptoms are attributed to SI joint instability, it is recommended to start with more traditional treatment options. Conservative treatments may include physical therapy, patient-specific exercise programs, chiropractic manipulation, or bracing. If symptoms persist, pain management therapy may be the next step, including pain medication or therapeutic injections that provide temporary relief.

SI joint stabilization should only be considered after non-surgical interventions have failed to provide a patient with a long-term solution to their pain. Typically, ideal candidates for treatment include those with the following conditions or injuries:

  • Instability of the lower back
  • Previous lower back surgery
  • Arthritis or osteoarthritis
  • Injury or damage to the SI joint
  • Ligamentous loosening from pregnancy
  • Postpartum pelvic girdle pain


It is common for patients to begin walking just hours after treatment. There is minimal risk of post-operative complications for the CornerLoc® SI procedure, and most people return to work and normal activities within two weeks. However, you should avoid lifting anything heavier than 10 pounds for up to 6 weeks and avoid running or jumping for 12 weeks.


The CornerLoc® SI Joint Fusion procedure provides is highly effective, with about 80% of patients reporting excellent functional improvement. Following recovery, patients also enjoy enduring pain relief that won’t require additional treatments.