Terri Dallas-Prunskis

Terri Dallas-Prunskis


Dr. Terri Dallas-Prunskis earned her medical degree and completed her residency training at Howard University School of Medicine.

She completed her Pain Management Fellowship at the University of New Jersey School of Medicine. Dr. Dallas-Prunskis was recruited by the University of Chicago to serve as Chairman of their Pain Management Program, where she led for seven years before co-founding Illinois Pain & Spine Institute (IPSI) and The Regenerative Stem Cell Institute (TRSCI).

Dr. Dallas-Prunskis is passionate about her clinical work, directly helping patients overcome their painful and degenerative conditions and live their lives to their fullest. She also remains active in training the physicians of tomorrow in the United States and abroad as an annual guest lecturer and instructor at Vilnius University (Lithuania), which has a formal relationship with Rosalind Franklin University (Chicago).

Dr. Dallas-Prunskis has authored and reviewed several publications, including chapters in the recently published book “Peripheral Nerve Entrapments,” which gives clinicians a comprehensive guide to possible nerve entrapments and treatment methods.

Beside her medical, academic and business accomplishments, what sets Dr. Dallas-Prunskis apart is her warmth and compassion. She is the founder of the Let’s Move Elgin 5K Race and is active in other charitable endeavors, including the Elgin Clinic, particularly pertaining to health, education and homeless youth.