Headache Pain Chicago, IL

Headache Pain

All of us have experienced a headache at one point or another. However, chronic headaches are another beast. They can disrupt your day, ruin vacations, and hold you back in life.

It is estimated that as many as 70 million Americans deal with chronic headache pain. Unfortunately, there are many causes of headaches, which can make treating them difficult. We treat all types of headaches in Chicago, so no matter what the source of your headaches are, we can help.

Types of Headache Pain

Most head pain comes from the primary headache disorders, with the most common being tension headaches and migraines. These tend to present with pulsating pain that affects a specific region of the head. With migraines, the pain tends to be more severe and comes with nausea, sensitivities, and can be debilitating.

Less common primary headache disorders include trigeminal neuralgia (a shooting face pain), cluster headache (severe pains that occur together in bouts), and hemicrania continua (a continuous headache on one side of the head).

However, headaches do not always originate in the head. Disc problems in the neck can present as head pain, and different nerve disorders can cause the patient to feel pain in their head even when it doesn’t originate there.

Treatments For Headache Pain in Chicago, IL

Headache pain relief is essential for anyone who battles them chronically. The process starts with a comprehensive physical examination, a review of your medical history, and completing lab work that we can analyze to determine the source of your pain. Once we have done this, we create a customized plan to relieve your headaches. This can include medication, dietary changes, physical therapy, and more.

To get started with your headache treatment, contact Illinois Pain & Spine Institute.

Frequently Asked Questions About Headache Pain Relief

What do different types of headaches tell you?

They can tell you a lot of things, from the condition of your arteries to whether or not you have food sensitivities. The key is being aware of your body and tracking what your headache triggers might be. This make diagnosing and treating your headaches faster and easier.

What gets rid of a headache fast?

That depends on the type of headache and its triggers. With severe migraines, for example, opiate medication might be needed. For others, just getting away from your triggers could deliver the fastest results. We will create a personalized treatment plan to get you the best results.

What should I eat for a headache?

In truth, there is no food that will get rid of a headache. However, drinking water can help. Make sure you are properly hydrated whenever you feel a headache starting up. Also, avoid foods that trigger your headaches, assuming you have food sensitivities.

How long do headaches last?

For most people, they last less than a day. However, they can last much longer, depending on what is causing them. If you have head pain that lasts more than a couple of days, see a doctor. It could be a sign of a severe underlying condition.