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Back Pain Specialist in Chicago

At the Illinois Pain & Spine Institute, we provide comprehensive, patient-centric care to patients experiencing acute or chronic back and neck pain. Our goal is not to simply mask the pain but to determine the root cause of your discomfort and address it if at all possible.

Our Chicago pain management center offers multidisciplinary care, ensuring that you can access all the help you need at any of our Chicagoland locations. From rehabilitation physicians to massage therapists, our entire team works together to achieve the best possible outcome for each patient we treat. Our healthcare providers are dedicated to your health and comfort every step of the way.

The majority of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point or another. Our goal is to offer back pain relief in Chicago to as many of them as possible. See us as soon as you start noticing discomfort in any part of your back or neck so we can address problems before they become serious. For back pain treatment in Chicago, turn to Illinois Pain & Spine Institute.

Why Choose the Back Pain Doctors at the Illinois Pain & Spine Institute?

There are plenty of back pain specialists in Chicago. So why are the doctors at the Illinois Pain & Spine Institute the ones to turn to?

It all comes down to the approach we take. Many pain management centers focus strictly on masking the presence of pain without addressing the underlying problems that cause it. Our team understands that back pain in Chicago is a symptom, not a condition in and of itself. We tackle acute and chronic pain from all sides to get the best possible outcome. And with so many Chicagoland locations to choose from, we are always nearby.

FAQ About Back Pain Relief Chicago

Where is back pain most likely to occur?

While you can experience pain in any part of the back, our back pain doctors in Chicago find that most is located in the lower portion. This is because the vertebrae in the lower back support a lot of weight and facilitate a significant amount of motion.

What causes back pain?

There are a wide variety of causes behind back pain. Sometimes, it is due to a deformity of the spine that is purely genetic. In other cases, it is due to injury. Aging, degenerative conditions, surgeries, repetitive motion, non-ergonomic furniture, bad mattresses, and many other things can also contribute to back pain.

What are the top risk factors for developing back pain?

According to our back pain specialists in Chicago, the top risk factors for developing back pain are age, genetics, a limited fitness level, occupational injuries, and being overweight. However, anyone can develop back pain at any stage in their life.

How is back pain treated?

There is no one approach to treating back pain. Your treatment will be customized to meet your needs and goals. The one thing we do for all patients is work to determine the underlying cause of pain so it can be addressed rather than masked.


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