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John V. Prunskis

John V. Prunskis


Terri Dallas-Prunskis

Terri Dallas-Prunskis


Chadi Yaacoub

Chadi Yaacoub


Asghar Rizvi

Asghar Rizvi


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Dr. Prunskis has treated me for back pain for 17 years. When I first came to him in 1999 I was suffering from back spasms daily. After treatment in summer of 2000 I went nearly 10 years without a single back spasm. I had additional treatment from Dr. Prunskis in 2010 with equally great success. I am a big fan. Francine did a great job with the IV.


Dr. Prunskis was the only pain doctor to get the right spot “sacroiliac joint”, to pinpoint my problem! Although it was a long road to get there it was worth the wait! Testimonial

Had a bulging disc in my neck about three years ago. Got 3 cortisone shots within 6-7 months. No pain ever since. Knows his stuff.

Tony U.

I love Dr. Dallas. She listens and if the first time you don’t get full relief she listens and adjusts where she does the next nerve block. But they do more than that. Read their site they use multiple techniques to help a person.

Renee D.

I have a nickname for Dr. John Prunskis. It is ” Miracle Man ” I walked in bent over and in so much pain I couldn’t even breath, and I walked out standing tall and pain free. Is that not a miracle. He is kind and compassionate and not to mention brilliant. Thank goodness for Dr. John Prunskis, he gives people their life back. I will tell the world about him…

RateMDs Testimonial

Dr Prunskis has been a life-saver for myself, my husband, and our son! All with different issues, all really positive results. I appreciate his on-time professional scheduling, his listening and questioning skills, and of course his procedures that have given me back my normal daily activity! So very grateful!!!!


Dr. Prunskis helped me out with my back pain and sciatica. I was injured on the job. He fixed me up and now I feel terrific. The staff was great. I have recommended him to many of my friends who have had similar results.He shows great skill and compassion. Testimonial

Direct to the point with fantastic results. the doctor listens well and i have excellent results with all treatments he has provided. l believe this is because he actually listens and reasses prior to each treatment. Number one care.


I lost my ability to walk in 2008 and he was able to correct multiple issues so that I could walk again without surgery.


She is a friendly doctor who cares about her patients and provides the best care for helping with their relief of pain. She is very thorough with her patients and always has a friendly smile.