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Pain Management Specialists in Chicago

Don’t spend another day suffering through your chronic pain. With the help of our Chicago pain management center, you’ll be able to enjoy your life once more. We are the top pain management clinic in the Chicagoland area, with 8 convenient locations for your to choose from. No matter where you are, we are here for you.

Finding authentic pain relief can be difficult, with many centers focusing on masking pain rather than treating the conditions causing it. Our certified pain management specialists take a holistic approach. First, they seek to uncover what is causing your pain; then, in addition to dulling your pain, they aim to resolve the underlying cause. This means incorporating whatever therapies can offer you relief, from medications to massage and everything in between.

Our driving goal is to help each patient reclaim their lives and return to their maximum activity level—whatever that looks like for you. Our Chicago pain management treatments and approach are always tailored to your needs and goals.

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Conditions We Treat at Our Chicago Pain Management Clinic

Neck pain in Chicago

Neck pain in Chicago

Back pain

Back pain

Hip pain

Hip pain

Headache Pain

Headache Pain

Joint Pain

Joint Pain

Arm Pain

Arm Pain

Cancer Pain

Cancer Pain

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel

The Leading Pain Clinic in Chicago, IL

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Our Chicago pain center treats a wide range of conditions that cause pain, including fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondylosis, carpal tunnel, and more.

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We embrace both innovative and tried and true methods of treatment at our pain clinic in Chicago. From physical therapy to BOTOX injections, we are open to and offer the care you need.

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Our pain management specialists are highly trained and experienced in helping patients get past their pain while treating the underlying causes. Your comfort is always of the utmost importance.


Hear What Our Patients
Have to Say

Sherry T.

“I feel like I’m human again and can do whatever I want”

Roy A.

“I regained 95% of my life back”

Coleen D.

“I feel like I’m human again and can do whatever I want”

Devi P.

“I’m able to get back to gardening!”


LocationsAll 6 Locations in Lake, McHenry, Kane & Dupage Counties Open & Seeing Patients.
Telehealth ConsultationsAvailable for Telehealth Consultations Via Phone Call or Audiovisual for Both New and Existing Patients.
Safety GuidelinesFollowing All CDC Safety Guidelines.
Convenient Clinic Based ProceduresConvenient Clinic Based Procedures – Safe!


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Insurance 30+


Restoring Quality of Life to the Highest Degree

Pain Management Customized Treatment

Precise Diagnosis with Customized Treatment

Rather than simply treating the symptoms, we strive to identify and repair the underlying cause of the pain. This approach has restored the highest level of functioning and quality of life for many of our patients.

Award Winning Pain Management

Award Winning Pain Management

Illinois Pain & Spine Institute (IPSI) is proud to be the leading provider of pain treatment in the Chicago area. IPSI’s pain clinics and doctors are widely recognized and have been the recipients of several prestigious awards for their outstanding expertise in pain management.

Located Throughout The Chicago Area

Conveniently Located Throughout the Chicago Area

Unlike other pain centers which only have one or two locations, Illinois Pain & Spine Institute sets the standard with a total of 8 physical sites throughout the state and clustered in major metropolitan areas.


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Chicago’s Leading Pain Treatment

Our pain specialists in Chicago are highly skilled at administering a variety of effective treatment options to remedy various painful conditions. Our Chicago pain medicine center’s treatments include both cutting-edge and more traditional options. Below is a small sample of the treatments we offer and the symptoms and conditions they help to manage.

FDA-approved injections may be helpful in managing the painful effects of migraines, muscle pain, neck pain, and back pain by providing temporary skeletal muscle relaxation.

Epidural injections are typically used to alleviate low back pain and/or leg pain stemming from disk herniation, sciatica, nerve root compression, and inflammation in the spine.

Spinal cord stimulation involves the implantation of a battery-operated device that sends electrical signals to the spinal cord, which in turn, intercept pain signals to the brain. This procedure is used to treat people suffering from neuropathic pain, which can produce feelings of burning, stabbing, or tingling.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pain Treatment in Chicago

When would I need to see a pain management doctor?

It is a good idea to see a pain management doctor the moment you start having pain that makes you pause and think about it. This can help prevent chronic pain from reaching the point that it interferes with your day-to-day life. However, if it does reach that point, schedule an appointment immediately.

What kind of treatments might I receive at a pain management clinic?

We embrace all forms of treatment that are well researched and proven effective. This includes traditional approaches, like medication and physical therapy, as well as more modern options like BOTOX injections and spinal cord stimulation.

Does insurance pay for pain management?

Most insurance providers do cover pain management services. However, they might not be open to all therapies. The more experimental a treatment is, the less likely they are to cover it. For more established treatments, the average policy will offer at least partial coverage.

What conditions qualify for pain management?

Any form of chronic pain will qualify for pain management treatment. In some cases, acute pain will as well. To determine whether or not we can help you,schedule a consultation.

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