Facet Joint Injections in Chicago, IL

Facet Joint Injections in Chicago, IL

Joint pain is never a good thing. But when the affected joints are along your spine and neck, it can be debilitating. The facet joints run the length of the spine, starting in the neck and ending in the lower back. They facilitate spinal movement, which is central to all movement of the body. This means that when they cause pain, your mobility is often limited.

One method of managing this pain is through facet joint injections. This treatment aims to dull or eliminate pain in these joints, improving quality of life and range of motion. Some benefits of facet joint block injections are:

  • Reduced inflammation from various conditions, including arthritis.
  • Improved mobility.
  • Being able to exercise without discomfort.
  • Starting physical therapy programs sooner.
  • Diagnosing the exact source of your spinal pain.

How Facet Joint Injections Are Performed

You will be asked to lie face down on an exam table. The doctor will isolate the facet joint or joints being targeted and apply a local anesthetic to them, temporarily numbing the area. This allows them to insert the needle for the procedure without causing pain.

After this, fluoroscopy is used to give the doctor a clear visual of the interior of the joint. Using X-ray imaging and contrast die, they are able to see the exact position of the needle. Once they are certain it is in the proper position, anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medication is injected into the joint.

Who Can Benefit From Facet Joint Injections?

Anyone who is experiencing chronic spinal pain might be a good candidate for facet joint injections, assuming that these joints are ultimately the source of their pain. Health fact joints are central to your mobility and wellbeing, and when they are not in optimal condition, it can really hold you back in life.

In most cases, we do not administer facet joint injections unless other forms of treatment have been attempted first. This is due to the fact that these injections are somewhat invasive, and it is better to treat the underlying cause of pain rather than just prevent it from being felt whenever possible.

Osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, trauma, and disc degeneration are all common causes behind facet joint disorders. If you have any of these conditions, speak to us about facet injections in Chicago.

FAQ’s About Facet Injections in Chicago, IL

What is the cost of facet injections?

This will depend on how complex your case is and how many injections you need. In most cases, a single injection will be around $600. However, we can give you an accurate price during your consultation. If the cost is too high for you, we can help maximize your insurance benefits.

How long does a facet joint block injection last?

In most cases, it will last several months. However, if we are doing the block for testing, it should wear off within a few days. In rare cases, patients have reported pain relief that lasts years after getting their block, but this should not be expected.

How many times can you have facet joint injections?

There is no lifetime limit. However, it is suggested that you get yours done no more than three times in a given six-month period. This is not a rule, though, and we will determine your schedule based on your unique needs.

Does facet joint pain go away?

This depends on if the underlying cause of the facet joint pain is treatable. In most cases, facet joint injections are a lost resort when other treatments have not worked. So, for many people getting these injections, the pain will not go away.