You are invited to this complimentary presentation to learn how stem cells can help improve your health. Topics covered will be: Stem Cell Basics: What are stem cells, and how can they help you? How Stem Cell Therapy Can Improve Your Health: Currently used to treat: Orthopedic Conditions, Autoimmune Disorders, Ophthalmologic Conditions, Urologic Conditions, Pulmonary […]

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Exercise Tips for Avoiding Low Back Pain

It may be a natural inclination for those who suffer from low back pain to want to avoid exercise or other movements that may exacerbate their discomfort. However, research shows that exercising can actually help relieve and prevent low back pain, provided you’re doing the right moves. The best exercises for finding relief and protection […]

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Pain Differences Between Men & Women

We all experience pain to different degrees, but a new study of adult patients at the Pain Management Center of Loyola University suggests that there is a distinct difference between how men and women experience pain, with women being more likely to seek treatment for chronic pain. The study, led by Meda Raghavendra, MD and […]

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Tips to a Pain Free Summer

Its summer – time for fun in the sun! Summer is a great time of the year, the weather is nice and people can finally get outdoors! Of course, summer offers a number of activities for both children and adults. There’s so much to do—bicycle rides, picnics, trips to the beach, vacationing, and spending time […]

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