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Does Cold Weather Cause Pain?

Do you ever notice that in the wintertime, your aches and pains get worse or that you have them more often? It may have to do with the cold temperature outside. Not only does the colder air cause symptoms or flare-ups of many conditions, but changes in barometric pressure or humidity can also make ailments […]

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Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Preventable?

The most common type of nerve entrapment in the human body is known as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), in which the median nerve becomes pinched in the carpal canal, at the wrist. Because the median nerve provides feeling and mobility to parts of the hand, its entrapment can cause numbness, weakness and/or pain in the […]

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Olympic Athlete Withdraws from Winter Games with Severe Back Pain

The 2014 Winter Olympics are currently going on in Sochi, Russia and are being watched by millions of people around the world. Olympic athletes are considered to be the some of the best in the world by constantly training, perfecting, and pushing their bodies for the chance to win an Olympic Medal. Of course, competing […]

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IPI Featured In Lake County News – Sun About New Spinal Cord Stimulation Procedure

BARRINGTON — Illinois Pain Institute (IPI) in conjunction with Barrington Pain & Spine Institute announced it is offering patients the first and only implantable neurostimulation, also known as spinal cord stimulation (SCS) systems indicated for use in the treatment of chronic back and/or limb pain, sciatica, and other painful conditions that are designed for full-body […]

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Press Release: IPI Offering Revolutionary SCS Systems

Illinois Pain Institute Offers the First and Only Spinal Cord Stimulation Systems for Painful Conditions Designed for Full-Body Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Safety* Innovation Provides Chronic Pain Patients with SureScan® MRI Systems Unprecedented Access to Standard of Diagnostic Care Barrington, IL – August 21, 2013 – Illinois Pain Institute (IPI) in conjunction with Barrington Pain […]

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