Back Specialist Treatments – Vertiflex Superion Procedure

Back Specialist Treatments – Vertiflex Superion Procedure

What Is Vertiflex Superion?

The Vertiflex procedure is patented and clinically proven, aiming to provide patients with high-quality relief without the need for constant maintenance or unpleasant procedures.  It is developed for people struggling with lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS).

The device itself is a small alloy spacer made out of titanium. The unit works by creating an extension in the lumbar spine, thus helping to reduce pressurized nerves and the related pain. In addition to helping to fight pain, this can help to prevent damage to the patient’s posture.

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The Vertiflex Procedure

A back specialist will start the procedure by ensuring that you are comfortable. This may involve giving you some sort of sedative or anxiety-reducing medication.

After applying anesthesia the doctor will use a dime-sized tube to insert the device into your spine. This is an outpatient procedure that can be done quickly and produces a quick and comfortable recovery when compared to more complicated surgeries.

Once the device is implanted, it helps to push apart the compressed vertebrae. This creates space and reduces pressure in the spine which can reduce nerve pain, improve posture and prevent spinal degeneration. This allows you to retain your full range of mobility after the treatment.

The Superion implant is available in a number of different sizes depending on the severity of your problem. The goal is to ensure that you can retain your range of motion and function without pain.

Benefits of the Vertiflex Superion Procedure

There are a number of benefits of the Vertiflex procedure when compared to other methods of treating LSS.

  • This approach is minimally invasive
  • The procedure reduces tissue damage in the back
  • The Vertiflex Superion can be removed and is therefore considered a reversible treatment
  • The Superion treatment helps to reduce the risk and cost of postoperative complications
  • Unlike a typical fusion treatment, the Superion allows patients to preserve motion in their lower back
  • This is a safe and simple alternative that allows people to reap the same benefits of surgery


If you are hoping to treat your LSS and think that invasive surgery is too much of a process, then the Superion may help. It is generally recommended to people who have tried a number of other treatments for their LOSS with minimal success.


The Vertiflex Superion treatment is a minimally invasive option for people who struggle with lumbar spinal stenosis. The treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that provides a less-risky alternative when compared to conventional surgery.

Anyone interested in seeing a back specialist will be pleased to learn that many offer the Vertiflex Superion procedure. The Superion is an indirect decompression system that allows people with chronic pain caused by compression to find relief without needing to rely on complicated invasive treatments.

If you are interested in learning more about the Vertiflex Superion treatment then get in contact with a back specialist Chicago. They will help you determine which size of Superion implant you will best benefit from if you qualify for the treatment.