What Is the Link Between Neck Pain and Migraine Headaches?

What Is the Link Between Neck Pain and Migraine Headaches?

What Is the Link Between Neck Pain and Migraine Headaches?

Neck pain and headaches often go hand in hand, creating a challenging experience for victims. This article explores the link between the two, examining their causes and potential relief.

Can Neck Pain Cause Migraine Headaches?

According to research, neck pain is usually a result of, and not a direct cause of, migraines. While a tense neck may contribute to inevitable headaches, like cervicogenic headaches, it seldom directly triggers migraines.

During the prodrome phase, preceding a migraine, individuals might experience neck pain as a warning sign. In addition, those dealing with chronic migraines often report neck pain during the actual migraine attack. Research suggests that around 80% of individuals with chronic migraines experience neck pain alongside their migraine episodes.

Causes of Migraine and Neck Pain

Musculoskeletal issues in the neck, such as posture problems and joint diseases, are potential contributors to migraines and neck pain. Posture problems can significantly trigger tension headaches. Additionally, wear and tear on neck joints due to aging could stimulate nerves, causing pain that extends into the head.

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Migraine Neck-Related Symptoms

These symptoms include:

  • Stiffness and tightness in the neck
  • Headache behind the eyes
  • Reduced neck movement
  • Pain on one side of the head
  • Headaches intensify when pressure is applied to some regions of the neck
  • Pain radiating from the back of the neck to the front.

Tracking of Symptoms

To effectively manage migraines and associated neck pain, keeping track of symptoms is crucial. Note the onset, duration, and specific characteristics of neck pain. Documenting other symptoms, like light sensitivity, vision changes, or nausea, can provide valuable insights. Sharing this information with your doctor can contribute to a more tailored treatment approach for neck pain relief in Chicago.