Facet Joint Injections for Extended Pain Relief

Facet Joint Injections for Extended Pain Relief

Facet Joint Injections for Extended Pain Relief

Facet joint injections serve as a crucial method for alleviating specific types of pain, with varying durations of relief for each patient. Typically lasting several months, the results can significantly improve mobility and reduce inflammation. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of facet joint injections, addressing common questions like how long they last and their impact on pain management.

How Does Facet Joint Injection Work?

Facet joint injections comprise anti-inflammatory steroids and a local anesthetic, offering both immediate and long-term relief. The injection targets facet joints and small bony projections in the spine, addressing inflammation caused by chronic or acute conditions. Facet joint injections are recommended for pain in the lower back or lumbar region and neck or cervical region.

While the injection takes only a few minutes, the steroid’s impact may take two to seven days to reduce pain. The local anesthetic provides immediate relief, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

Managing expectations regarding total pain relief is essential, as individual responses vary. Some patients experience complete relief, while others may require additional injections. Doctors may recommend facet joint injections as frequently as three times a year, with positive outcomes expected to last about four months.

Future injections may be necessary based on the patient’s response to the initial treatment. They may advise a second facet joint injection if the relief wears off after a reasonable time. Doctors may recommend up to three injections per year for successful cases.

When To Use Facet Joint Injection

If your pain persists despite conservative treatments such as physical therapy or adjusting your activity levels for a minimum of 3 months, your doctor might suggest these injections. Facet joint pain can arise from various factors, including osteoarthritis, joint instability, traumatic injury, impingement (excess pressure) of joint tissue, and joint lining inflammation.

What To Expect During Facet Joint Injection

During a lumbar facet block procedure, patients can sit up straight or lie on their stomachs so the doctor can get to the spine. The injection site is numbed, and different imaging tools might be used to pinpoint and deliver the medication into the spine. They might give multiple injections to figure out where the pain is coming from.

Expert Guidance for Facet Joint Injections: Your Path to Effective Pain Management

Consulting experienced professionals offering facet injections in Chicago is crucial for those considering facet joint injections. At the Illinois Pain & Spine Institute, our specialists are dedicated to providing effective pain management solutions. If you are experiencing discomfort or seeking the right treatment, contact us to schedule an appointment and explore personalized options tailored to your needs.