Using Facet Blocks for Pain Management – Find a Pain Management Specialist

Using Facet Blocks for Pain Management – Find a Pain Management Specialist

People with chronic pain can find relief through the use of many different treatments. One such treatment is known as a facet joint block, or simply a facet block, a treatment that provides an alternative to more invasive treatments such as surgery.

A pain management specialist can perform the treatment. During the treatment, you’ll have a medication administered directly into one of the facet joints of your body. This can help to relieve pain caused by a number of different conditions.

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Who Benefits From Facet Blocks?

Many of the pain management specialists will recommend the use of facet block treatments for a number of conditions. These are some of the reasons that you might need to use a facet block treatment.

  • If you are struggling with chronic inflammation
  • If you have had long-term, chronic pain
  • If you are hoping to better-tolerate or return to physical therapy or rehabilitation
  • To help pain management specialists identify the cause of pain in your back or neck

The Facet Block Injection Procedure

Facet block injections are generally quite simple, straightforward, and minimally invasive. While they can be performed in an ambulatory surgical center they can also be done easily in an office-based setting.

Most facet blocks are done using a live x-ray known as fluoroscopy. This helps the doctors accurately aim the injection to ensure that it affects the area directly.

Facet block injections do not generally require sedation or general anesthesia. However, patients with anxiety or who are highly sensitive to medical treatments may be offered some form of IV relaxant or anxiolytic.

After sanitizing the area to be injected, you will be given a local anesthetic to help numb the area. Then, the doctor will employ fluoroscopy to help identify the problem area. They will insert the needle into the facet joint and medication will be injected.

Following this, the doctor will apply contrast dye to ensure that the medication is affecting the right area. After this, they will inject some painkilling and anti-inflammatory medication into the joint.

Pre- and Post-Facet Block Injection

Prior to having your injection, you should avoid over-exerting yourself. Don’t exercise the same day of your treatment and avoid taking too much medication prior to your procedure. This will help the doctor provide more accurate and effective treatment.

After your treatment is finished, you will probably be asked to rest in the treatment area for half an hour. Then you’ll be asked to perform some activities that might usually cause pain to see if the treatment is working.



You may not find relief for a couple of hours after the treatment has been completed. This is fairly common. Be patient and allow the treatment to work.

Facet block injections are a unique form of treatment offered by pain management specialist Chicago. These treatments can help people overcome chronic pain and inflammation. If you’re looking for a way to manage your chronic pain, don’t hesitate to contact a pain management specialist immediately.