Joint Injections as a Surgical Alternative

Joint Injections as a Surgical Alternative

Chronic pain is a very common condition that affects many people in the United States. It is debilitating and can lead people to miss work, become depressed and hopeless, and overall decrease a person’s quality of life. There are a variety of different treatments for chronic pain ranging from oral medication to surgery to various alternatives. Unfortunately, many patients go through months and months of different treatments without finding any relief. What works for one patient does not always work for another when it comes to pain. Fortunately, there are alternative treatments that exist so patients do not have to undergo surgery unnecessarily.


When patients have gone through months of searching for pain relief they oftentimes become desperate. This can lead patients to beg their doctors for surgery. However, most times, chronic pain is not simply solved by cutting out the part of the body that is hurting. Also, surgery many times does not resolve pain, or, it can make the pain worse. It is often not worth undergoing surgery and taking on the risks that come along with surgery to only hope it relieves a patient’s pain. Unfortunately, this means patients are often stuck with pain medication as their main source of pain relief.

Joint Injections As A Surgical Alternative

Pain medication comes with its dangers. For one, patients who have substance abuse problems are often unable to take pain medication. This leaves these patients trying to power through the pain. Besides, while pain medication may work initially, human bodies begin to build up a tolerance to medication over time. This renders the medication less effective or requires the patient to take more of the medication for the same desired effect.


Fortunately, there is an alternative to pain medication and surgical intervention. It comes in the form of joint injections. This involves injecting steroid medication and a local anesthetic directly into the joint in pain. A fluoroscopic low dose x-ray is used to guide the needle into the correct area. Ligaments can also be injected during this process. Some patients undergo sedation during joint injections but it is not required for all patients.


Joint injections are a great alternative to surgical intervention. They are quick, only taking 10 to 20 minutes. Most patients who undergo the procedure can walk normally immediately after and are back to normal activities within a couple of days. Each person’s body reacts differently to joint injections. Some patients may experience pain relief for a couple of weeks, while others may experience relief for years. Regardless, they offer a high likelihood of working without the same level of risks associated with surgery.


Chronic pain is a very difficult condition to live with. It can affect a person’s physical, mental, and emotional state. Many patients begin to feel hopeless after living with chronic pain for a long time. Fortunately, patients do not need to rely on taking prescription pain medication or undergoing surgery to get rid of their pain. Joint injections offer a phenomenal alternative for those suffering from chronic pain.