Exercises to Reduce Back Pain

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Exercises to Reduce Back Pain

Great Exercises Tips for You!

Back pain is pain felt in the back that usually originates from the muscles, nerves, bones, joints, or other structures in the spine. Back pain is considered to be one of the most common complaints that patients express to their doctor. But did you know there are ways to alleviate back pain?

You may not always feel like taking the time to exercise, but it has been proven to help prevent and reduce the effects of back pain. Doing just 15 minutes of back exercises 3 to 4 days a week can help strengthen the back, neck, and shoulder muscles. This will help make you more flexible and less likely to injure your back. Of course, you should talk with your doctor before starting any new exercises and figure out the best form for you.

Here are some simple exercises that can help reduce back pain:

Walking & Jogging –

Get up and go! Walking short distances can help reduce the amount of back pain and strain placed upon your back. Even jogging for small distances can decrease the tension within the muscles.

Swimming –

Do you like swimming? Well swimming is a great choice for anyone suffering from backaches! Water provides both support and resistance to the back, making it a favorite exercise among many. Back pain is greatly reduced with simple aquatic exercises.

Flexibility & Stretching –

Staying limber and keeping your muscles strong are important in helping minimize back pain. Knee-to-chest stretches are a common form of stretching that is done on the back and moving the knee towards the chest with timed movement. Other techniques can be used to reduce tension as well.

Yoga –

One of the most popular forms of exercising nowadays is yoga. This exercise combines flexibility and strength together to make the body more relaxed, reducing back pain. Make sure that your yoga instructor is aware of the limitations on your back and involve a style that best fits you.

There are more techniques out there, but do a little research to see what works best for you and ask your doctor for other treatments that could be beneficial to reducing back pain. Contact us today at IPI for more information.

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