Advances in Neuromodulation Mean Less Reliance on Opioid Medications

Advances in Neuromodulation Mean Less Reliance on Opioid Medications

One of the most important steps toward cutting back on opioid dependence is offering pain sufferers other, better options for managing their discomfort. One alternative that is increasingly getting recognized for its effectiveness is neuromodulation – implanted medical devices that use electrical stimulation to block or relieve pain signals. One of the most common types of neuromodulation used for pain management is spinal cord stimulation (SCS), where the electrical stimulation is targeted to a specific area of pain.

The use of SCS may be a preferred alternative to opioids. SCS can reduce use of opioids by 60% or more, a critical amount as we face an ever-expanding epidemic of opioid abuse.

Companies have put significant resources into improving existing SCS systems, in turn creating devices with smaller implants, longer battery lives, and reduced need for replacement. These improvements mean less-invasive SCS procedures that can be done on an outpatient basis with minimal post-operative pain and shortened recovery periods.

The pain that leads so many to opioids is very real. To curb the epidemic, we offer treatment methods that offer substantial relief. At Illinois Pain Institute, we’re proud to offer spinal cord stimulation and other treatment methods that help our patients manage their pain in a safe and effective way.

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