Vertebroplasty – Finding Back Pain Treatment

Vertebroplasty – Finding Back Pain Treatment

If you’re looking for treatment, back pain treatment Chicago provides a lot of different options. Vertebroplasty is one such option, a minimally-invasive procedure that involves the injection of medical-grade cement into damaged vertebrae.

The purpose of vertebroplasty is to help reduce pain and restore function to people who have broken or damaged their vertebrae. However, not everyone with a damaged spine will find this procedure effective.

How Does Vertebroplasty Work?

Prior to having the procedure performed, your doctor will probably have an x-ray done on your spine. This, in addition to checking out your medical history and running a physical diagnostic, will help them to ensure where and how the procedure will be done – or if it’s even necessary.

If your doctor deems the procedure necessary, you will most likely be given a sedative prior to the procedure. If you are struggling with serious pain they might put you under general anesthesia.

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During the procedure, the doctor will continue to observe your spine using an x-ray. This helps them to direct the needle to the proper spot in your damaged vertebrae. Once the problem area has been located they will inject the cement. You may require two injections if the first does not fill the fracture entirely.

Next, you’ll have to lie still for an hour or two while the cement dries. During this time you may remain under observation to ensure that you remain safe. You might notice that your pain disappears quickly after the procedure although some patients don’t notice a significant improvement for up to three days.

Should I Use Vertebroplasty?

If you’re seeking back pain treatment then you might qualify for vertebroplasty, though the treatment is not for everyone. There are a number of pros and cons to this form of treatment, and it is generally offered as a last resort when other treatments have not been successful.

If you have tried a number of other pain relief strategies without much success, your doctor may recommend that you receive vertebroplasty. They may also recommend the treatment if your back pain is very serious and affecting your mobility and your ability to function.

Doctors also recommend vertebroplasty when patients are at risk of developing complications in relation to the condition. For example, if you’ve developed or may develop thrombosis, osteoporosis, respiratory dysfunction, or serious posture problems because of your vertebral fracture, vertebroplasty may be recommended.

It’s important to weigh out the pros and cons. While side effects are not common, affecting only between 1-3% of patients, they can be a concern. Side effects might include blood loss, fever, irritated nerves, infection, and hemorrhaging.


Patients seeking back pain treatment will be happy to learn about vertebroplasty. This minimally invasive procedure helps to provide an alternative to surgery. Vertebroplasty can help restore function to people with damaged vertebrae in addition to helping improve mobility and function.


Talk to a pain management doctor if you are interested in learning more about this treatment.