Top Causes of Disc Herniation

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Top Causes of Disc Herniation

Herniated discs are very common, especially as people age. Each spinal disc acts as a shock absorber for the spine. When people are young, these discs are made up primarily of water. However, as people age, the discs begin to dehydrate which can leave them prone to tearing and damage. Many people who are later in life suffer from disc herniation. However, it only causes pain in some patients. Fortunately, pain doctors offer disc herniation treatment in Chicago to help patients who have symptoms caused by disc herniation.

A herniated disc occurs when one of the spine’s natural shock absorbers is pushed out of its normal position in the back. Many people are walking around with a herniated disc and have no clue. They do not suffer from pain, and they are able to perform normal day to day activities. However, some people who have herniated discs suffer from a significant amount of pain. These people may find it impossible to perform day to day activities, and they may even have trouble walking or falling asleep due to the pain. There are a few different causes of disc herniation, some are preventable while others are not. However, taking care of your back is an important step to avoiding disc herniation as long as possible.

The top cause of disc herniation is wear and tear on the spine. As people age, their bodies begin to break down. No matter how well a person may take care of their body, it will begin to diminish over time. As the discs become less filled with water, they become less flexible. This means that certain activities or movements that a person could do during their youth, may cause problems or injury later in life. As time passes, discs become more prone to tearing or rupturing. While there is nothing a person can do about the natural aging process, people can maintain good exercise habits, and a healthy weight, in order to keep their body in the best shape possible.

The other common cause of disc herniation is lifting heavy objects with improper technique. Many people have heard the term, “Lift with your legs.” This is said to steer people away from lifting heavy objects with their back muscles. Using your back muscles to lift heavy objects can lead to disc herniation. In addition, twisting your back while holding something heavy can also lead to disc herniation. As people age, they should be aware they may not be able to carry as much weight as they could when they were younger.

Being overweight, lifting heavy objects, and being older in age are all risk factors that make a person more likely to experience a herniated disc. However, the most common cause of disc herniation is age. While people cannot control their age, they can control the other factors and should do so, since no one knows whether they will be part of the lucky group who do not suffer any symptoms from disc herniation or the unlucky group who suffers severe pain due to disc herniation.