Myths & Facts About Sciatica Pain

Myths & Facts About Sciatica Pain


Sciatica: Myth or Fact?

Sciatica Pain

We treat many different cases of pain at Illinois Pain Institute and specialize in the right course of treatment for our patients. One of the most common conditions that we see at IPI are people suffering from sciatica. Sciatica pain is described as constant pain that can be sharp, radiating, and can cause shooting pain from the low back down into the leg.

Some of the most common symptoms that occur with sciatica include: burning or tingling in leg, weakness and difficulty in moving the leg or foot, and constant pain on one side of the body. Patients with this condition are guaranteed a better course of treatment when they follow an individualized plan that is tailored to the patient’s symptoms and needs.

Although sciatica pain is a well-known condition, many people can be confused by the myths and facts of sciatica. Here are some of the most common myths and facts when it comes to sciatica and treatment for people with sciatica:

MYTH: All patients with sciatica have the same symptoms.
FACT: People with sciatica will experience a broad range of symptoms. The level of pain and irritation depends on severity and duration of the condition. Pain can last from a few weeks to much longer.

MYTH: Sciatica is caused by leg problems.
FACT: Sciatica is caused by severe irritation of one or both of the sciatic nerves, usually when there is pressure on the nerve. This can cause some patients to believe that leg pain contributes to leg problems. Some causes of sciatica include spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, spinal tumors, trauma, and sciatic nerve tumor/injury.

MYTH: Sciatica never goes away.
FACT: Sciatica pain usually will go away with time, rest, and the proper treatment. Most people suffering from sciatica will get better without surgery.

These are just some common myths and facts that relate to sciatica. Of course, if you have sciatica or might be suffering from this condition, schedule an appointment at the Illinois Pain Institute today!