What Makes Cancer Painful?

What Makes Cancer Painful?

Cancer is a unique disease that is very unique to each individual. Some people who have cancer can tell early on, while others reach Stage 4 cancer before they notice something is wrong. Some people have extreme pain due to cancer while others feel no pain at all. Some people respond well to cancer drugs while they do not work at all on others. As a result, cancer pain can be difficult to treat because it is experienced differently by each individual. Pain affects a person’s entire life. They may not be able to work, be irritable, and it can greatly affect their mental well being.

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Pain does not have to be a normal part of having cancer. While cancer may cause pain, working with pain specialists can help relieve that pain and make living with cancer a little more bearable. There is no guarantee that working with a pain management specialist will completely eliminate all pain. However, oftentimes, the pain can be greatly reduced. Pain from cancer itself is oftentimes the cause of pain. Tumors that compress the spinal cord, press on bones, or nerves are all ways that cancer itself can cause pain. While this is uncomfortable, it is something that can be addressed by an experienced physician.

Pain from cancer can also be caused by sources outside cancer itself. This includes everything from surgery to treat cancer along with painful side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and phantom pain. Pain caused by cancer can lead to neuropathic pain, breakthrough pain, or chronic pain. If you are a cancer patient who is experiencing any pain, it is important to address it with your physician as soon as possible. While some pain may be unavoidable, there is also some pain that can be avoided with the correct interventions.

Treatment of cancer pain depends on what the underlying cause of pain is in the first place. A majority of cancer pain can be relieved with opioid-based pain killers. However, this treatment option may not be viable for all patients. Physical therapy, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound can also help patients suffering from cancer pain.

Oftentimes, because pain is such a complex symptom, multiple treatment plans need to be tried before a successful one is found. However, it is important not to lose hope through this process. Cancer pain can be greatly reduced, it just takes time.

Cancer is already a very difficult disease to deal with.  It takes a toll physiologically and psychologically. Pain associated with cancer only makes the condition even more difficult to deal with. Fortunately, most cancer-associated pain is avoidable. However, it often requires a specialist in pain management to determine the best course of treatment for the symptoms. If you or a loved one is suffering from pain related to cancer itself, or any kind of cancer treatment, be sure to schedule a consultation visit with a pain specialist such as the Chicago pain center. Cancer pain is complicated but always remain hopeful because there are treatments available for whatever the cause of the pain is.