How To Fix Lower Back Pain From Sitting

How To Fix Lower Back Pain From Sitting

How To Fix Lower Back Pain From Sitting

If you sit during long periods of the day, it can eventually lead to pain. Lower back pain from sitting too much is one of the most difficult issues to deal with as an adult.

There are various factors that can contribute to back pain from sitting all day. Whether you’re driving a lot, at the office, or at home, sitting is actually not that great for the human body.

So let’s talk about how to relieve lower back pain when sitting. And first let’s explore the reasons that you have discomfort at all:

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The Lower Back Pain /  Sitting Too Long Connection

Humans are made to be moving every once in a while. The longer we sit, the more pressure that builds up in our joints. It also affects our posture.

A healthy spine has a small curve called lordosis. This helps us maintain an upright posture and balance. When slouching or sitting down, it reverses the natural curvature of our spine.

This means ligaments can become fatigued or stretched too far. So let’s talk about some ways that you can reduce back pain from sitting. That way you can feel comfortable all day long.

How To Stop Back Pain From Sitting Too Long

Get A More Firm Couch

If your couch, recliner, or other chair is too soft, it can actually cause your spine to curve the wrong way.  You want a little bit of support. That way you don’t fatigue the ligaments in that area.

Take Frequent Breaks

You should aim to get up from your seat every 30 minutes or so. Try to stand up properly and relax your body. This will help stretch out and loosen up your lower back. If your lower back hurts when sitting, this will be a big improvement.

Upgrade Your Chair

There are certain ergonomic chairs available today. These help you maintain a better posture even when you’re sitting. They’re really good for the lumbar spine posture. Lower back pain from sitting at desk chairs is a real issue.

Strength Training

Do lightweight strength training every few days. This could be lifting some light weights, using resistance bands, or doing things like squatting or push-ups. These build the muscles around your core and lower back.

This is important for preventing them from becoming fatigued and putting pressure on your soft tissues.

Yoga Or Stretching

Every part of the human body can typically benefit from stretching. Yoga is a great practice that requires you to hold your balance as you stretch various areas.

You can do stretches like the downward dog, the cat, or the cow to loosen up the back muscles. It will help with a lot of the lower back pain sitting at desks creates.

Roll Your Spine

A lumbar roll or even a tennis ball can be useful. If you sit your buttocks or lower back on the ball and roll back and forth, it can loosen up the muscles and ligaments in that area, reducing pain overall.

Standing Desk

You may try using a standing desk at work. This is an ergonomic design that allows you to stand up while still having cushioning and support. That means your spine will be aligned with better posture throughout the day.

Ultimately, this can lead to less discomfort. When it comes to lower back pain, smaller issues can lead to larger ones.

Final Word: How To Relieve Back Pain From Sitting

Consult with a doctor who can tell you the cause of your pain and how to prevent it from happening going forward. That way, you can live your life without worrying about being able to move freely. Contact a clinic for back pain relief in Chicago now.