Epidural Steroid Injections to treat Back Pain

Epidural Steroid Injections to treat Back Pain

Chronic back pain is a common complaint but managing back pain can be a challenge, both mentally and physically. While some people may only experience a dull ache, others may suffer from more severe symptoms, such as arthritis, pain radiating to the leg, or pain that worsens upon moving. Chronic back pain can be debilitating but it can be eased with epidural steroid injections.

Who is a Good Candidate for epidural Steroid Injections?

People who suffer from chronic pain in their lower back, leg, neck, or arms are generally good candidates. Others who may also benefit from epidural steroid injections may have –

  • neurological conditions such as spinal stenosis,
  • sciatica, or
  • degenerative disc disease

Reduce pain and inflammation

Inflammation is the most common reason for pain. An epidural injection can reduce inflammation and pain. Underlying conditions can lead to joint inflammation, causing pain and limiting mobility, making even the activities of daily living unbearable.

Minimally Invasive

Epidural steroid injections are also minimally invasive, which means you don’t have to go through potentially risky surgery. You don’t require a long hospital stay or recovery periods. Since an epidural injection delivers the medicine directly into the affected site, there is no fear of dependence on medication. Most patients can go back to their regular routine right after treatment.

Living with chronic back pain can be disastrous and, in most cases, have debilitating effects. But now you can find relief through many different pain management treatments.