Epidural Injections: Used For More Than Just Pregnancy

Epidural Injections: Used For More Than Just Pregnancy

Epidural injections have been around for decades. Many people associate the term “epidural” with pregnancy. Women often have the option of choosing to have an epidural which helps to block out labor pains. This makes the process of birthing a child much more comfortable and does no damage to the mother or child. However, epidural injections have gained popularity in general pain management as well. While not all physicians offer epidural injections as a form of pain management, there are Chicago pain management clinics that do offer the procedure. Patients who undergo epidural injections find they suffer from less pain and have an improved quality of life.


           Epidural injections as a form of pain management deliver an injection of steroids into the epidural space. The process as a whole typically takes less than half an hour which allows patients to be in and out of the pain management clinic quickly. In addition, patients begin to feel relief quickly. For many patients who suffer from spinal pain, trying treatments without finding a solution becomes normal. Many of these patients turn to epidural injections as a last resort before undergoing surgery, only to find out they should have been using epidural injections long ago.


           The goal of epidural injections given by pain doctors in Chicago is pain relief. Epidural injections do not have the ability to fix the underlying problem. If a patient is suffering from disk herniation, sciatica, nerve root compression, or inflammation of the spine, epidural injections cannot fix those conditions. While they can reduce inflammation of the spine, typically, inflammation is caused by another underlying problem. However, for many people, epidural injections prevent them from having to undergo more serious procedures and may provide enough relief to allow the patient a better quality of life.


           After achieving success in pain management from an epidural injection, many patients ask, “How long will this last?” At the end of the day, each person’s body is different, and pain relief from epidural injections will vary in duration. Patients may experience pain relief for only one week, or up to a year. In general, patients expect months of pain relief which will gradually start to wear off. When the pain begins to stop the patient from performing normal activities, it is time for another injection. While this may not be ideal, and not a cure, it can help the patient to have a better quality of life without undergoing a more dangerous procedure.


           Epidural injections are a great alternative to surgery. While they do not fix any underlying problems, they can be used in combination with a comprehensive treatment plan to help patients attain their best quality of life. Epidural injections are quick and provide patients with fast results. In addition, when the procedure is performed by an experienced professional, there is much less risk to the patient than other treatments present. Epidural injections are not a perfect treatment. However, they are very good, and greatly help to improve the quality of life.