Coping with Chronic Pain

Coping with Chronic Pain

One of the most common reasons adults in the United States seek medical care and continued treatment is because of pain or chronic pain. Chronic pain is a physically debilitating disease that causes major restrictions in mobility and daily activity. Everyone will experience pain at some point in their lives, but those who suffer from chronic pain have symptoms that last for more than three to six months after the initial injury.

Oftentimes chronic pain leads to a myriad of other issues including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or relationship and job opportunity loss. Additionally, after major injury or surgery, patients are left with only highly addictive medications that often cause more problems than they are meant to solve. Pain is very complex in nature and requires a careful approach when considering options for treatment.

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The Illinois Pain and Spine Institute is the leader in pain management treatment in Chicago and specializes in diagnosing and treating highly complex and painful conditions to help patients regain a life worth living. It is important for patients to understand and accept that more often than not the goal is to reduce pain, rather than eliminate it. Chronic pain affects more than just the physical capabilities of patients, but seriously impacts their mental health, relationships, and quality of life.

The Illinois Pain & Spine Institute’s mission is to help as many patients as possible improve the quality of their lives in any way that they can. There are a few things you can do to get started living a life of more quality we’ll detail below.




Dealing with chronic pain is a vicious cycle of constant discomfort, loss, and disappointment that affects the way the brain is able to function over time. The most important thing for chronic pain patients to practice is positive thinking. The power of positive thinking is undeniable and can improve stress and depression levels which decrease overall pain levels.

It is easy for patients suffering from chronic pain to slip into a cycle of irrational self-talk and catastrophizing outcomes. When you are living with severe pain it is necessary to focus only on your ability and accomplishments of the day in relation to the day before. No longer are you capable of the things you once were, but by focusing on daily accomplishments you can begin to develop a new sense of self-confidence and decrease anxiety and depression.

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Living with chronic pain is physically and psychologically exhausting and often causes people to experience a range of emotions that they wouldn’t otherwise be having. Anger and frustration with doctors’ loved ones, and life in general causes tension in relationships, but the second most important thing for chronic pain patients to remember is that relationships and support are necessary on their path to recovery.

Be honest with your loved ones about the way you are feeling and reach out to pain management specialists at the Illinois Pain & Spine Institute pain management in Chicago to help you manage complex pain and the emotional toll it can cause. Finding people that understand and relate to what you are going through to eliminate feelings and thoughts of loneliness.

Specialists at the leading pain management clinics in Chicago are waiting to help you manage your symptoms and provide a support network to help decrease the influence and power of your pain.