Conditions That Benefit From Discography

Conditions That Benefit From Discography

One of the main benefits of visiting a pain specialist is the unique array of tools they have to help patients suffering from pain. Many patients who are experiencing chronic pain suffer for months or years. They go to a doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist without ever finding any form of relief. One of the biggest mistakes these patients make is failing to visit a pain management specialist.

These physicians are trained to understand pain at its base level, and how to help their patients finally experience relief. They have a large arsenal of diagnostic and treatment tools that are not always available to other specialists and physicians. One of these tools is discography.

Discography is a unique diagnostic tool available to pain medicine specialists. It is primarily used to evaluate back pain. Discography helps physicians determine whether pain in the back is coming from a disc, or which level it is coming from in a multiple level herniation. This is particularly important in the case of back pain because diagnosis is often so difficult.

Conditions That Benefit From Discography

Many people suffer from excruciating back pain for months and years. They spend an exorbitant amount of money on trying to find a treatment or therapy that works properly. However, no treatment will work unless the source of pain is accurately identified. Obtaining a proper diagnosis is arguably the most important part of treating back pain.


One of the biggest benefits of discography is how quickly the procedure is. It typically takes anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes to complete and is considered a minimally invasive procedure. Discography is performed using a low dose of fluoroscopic x-ray as guidance. A needle is placed in various spinal discs from where the pain is believed to be originating. At this point, a pressure gauge is used to measure the pressure in each of the discs. Dye is injected into the discs to allow the shape of the discs to be identified. Patients are offered sedation if needed.

The best candidates for discography are patients who experience consistent spinal pain. This can be patients experiencing pain in any of the spinal regions. It can also benefit patients where there is a suspected disc abnormality or patients who have been unable to find the source of pain, despite other efforts. Once patients undergo discography, they are released within an hour after undergoing the procedure. If the procedure is effective, the patient’s pain will finally be identified and an appropriate treatment plan can be made.

Discography is a unique diagnostic tool that can be offered by pain management specialists. Patients who benefit from this procedure include those who suffer from chronic spinal pain, those who are suspected of having a herniated disc, or those who despite other efforts have been unable to find the source of their spinal pain.

Discography offers hope to long time spinal pain suffers that the source of their pain will be found and treated accordingly. If you are suffering from undiagnosed back pain, be sure to speak to your pain management specialist immediately about the benefits of discography.