Best Treatments For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Best Treatments For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when a person experiences numbness in the first four fingers. This usually occurs when the nerve that supplies feeling to these fingers is compressed. This is often caused by repetitive motions that put the hands and wrists in an unusual position. Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause pain for the affected person and make it difficult to perform functions requiring their hands. Fortunately, there are treatments that can help relieve the numbness and pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. 


Wrist Braces

           Wrist braces are a common component of treatment for patients who are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. They work best for patients with mild to moderate conditions. While they may not work for everyone, there is no downside to trying braces so it is always worth the effort before moving on to more invasive treatments. If a brace is working, it will typically show symptoms of relief in 3-4 weeks. Braces can be worn all day, even when the patient is sleeping.

Treatments For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Be Mindful Of Wrist Position

           Carpal tunnel syndrome tends to flare up when the hand and wrist are held in the same position for long periods of time. This can become worse if the wrist is tilted up or down. Therefore, being mindful to keep the wrist in a neutral position can help to minimize symptoms. Stretching your hands periodically and switching the hands with which you perform repetitive tasks can also help to minimize symptoms.


Steroid Injections

           Cortisone injections can help to lessen swelling in the wrist. This can help to give temporary pain relief but it is not a long term solution. In some instances, your physician may be able to offer the steroid in the form of a pill if you do not tolerate injections well.


Physical Therapy

           Physical therapy is another very helpful treatment when it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome. Physical therapists can give patients exercises to stretch their hands and wrists which can help to improve range of motion. Physical therapists can also help patients to find alternatives for repetitive motions they may have to repeat in day to day life. These alternatives may help to alleviate some of the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Physical Therapy For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


At-Home Care

           Normal self-care and first aid can help patients to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. Icing your wrist for 15 minutes a day can help to lessen the swelling that may be causing pain. Shaking your wrist out may also help to eliminate some numbness in the short term. Taking over the counter anti-inflammatories and resting your wrist is also helpful for reducing symptoms.


Alternative Medicine

           There are a lot of different forms of alternative medicine patients can use to help minimize carpal tunnel syndrome. Yoga, ultrasound therapy, and acupuncture can all be helpful for patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. While these forms of treatment are not proven to work, there have been many patients testimonials that state their positive impact on patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. Alternative medicine therapies in combination with traditional medicine can help give patients the best chance at feeling better.