All About Percutaneous Discectomy

All About Percutaneous Discectomy

If you’ve struggled with chronic back pain then it’s in your best interest to connect with a back specialist. One of the many treatments that you may be offered is a percutaneous discectomy (PD).

 Thanks to modern research, more and more minimally invasive treatments are being developed to help people struggling with chronic back pain. PD is one such treatment. To learn more about this promising treatment, read on.

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What Is a Percutaneous Discectomy?

A percutaneous discectomy is an alternative treatment that provides an alternative to open surgery. PD treatment is most often used for people who struggle with sciatica, a condition which is traditionally treated by surgically removing a piece of the intervertebral disc.

The idea of this treatment is to decompress the disc, thus relieving pressure on the nerves in the area. This surgery is also useful for people who struggle with other bodily pain resulting from a herniated disc in their spine.

As this surgical procedure was further developed, less invasive tactics have been developed. Smaller procedures can be performed with smaller, minimally invasive cuts. Endoscopes can also be used for the process.

This treatment can now be performed with even less discomfort thanks to the development of PD. Thanks to PD, a back pain treatment in Chicago is now able to help provide similar relief without needing to perform open surgery.

PD can be useful for people who struggle with a contained herniated disc. As long as the outer wall isn’t ruptured, PD can be effective for helping to improve pain and mobility.

How Is a Percutaneous Discectomy Performed?

The basic procedure of PD involves the removal of tissue from the inside of a herniated disc. Using a small needle, doctors introduce plasma technology into the spine so that tissue can be removed from the center.

Removing this tissue also helps to remove the compression caused by the herniation. This allows for a reduction in pressure on the related nerves, which in turn helps to reduce pain and discomfort.

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Should I Get a Percutaneous Discectomy?

If you struggle with a contained herniated disc, you may be interested in seeking PD treatment. The results are similar to other clinical procedures and patients often report a much quicker recovery time.

It’s important to note that PD is a relatively new treatment. As such, there isn’t many long-term data available on the treatment process. However, the few studies that have been done report that patients enjoy decreased pain for up to a year after the procedure. As studies progress, it is becoming apparent that this pain relief can last for longer.

If you’re struggling with back and leg pain caused by spinal problems such as sciatica, radiculopathy, and axial pain, you may want to talk with a back specialist in Chicago.


A percutaneous discectomy is a new treatment that allows people with spinal compression, sciatica, and bulging discs to find relief without the need for invasive surgery. If you’re interested in this procedure, reach out to a back specialist Chicago to find out more.