Treatments for Managing Chest Wall Pain

Treatments for Managing Chest Wall Pain

The chest wall is the wall of the chest region enclosed by the ribs, skin, fat, muscles, and tissues. These provide a protective casing for the organs between the neck and the abdomen, including the heart, lungs, and many major arteries and blood vessels.


Since there are so many important components located in this area, chest wall pain can arise for a number of reasons. As such there are also a number of potential treatments for chest wall pain. If you’re experiencing chest pain that connects with one of the pain clinics Chicago offers.

Identifying the Cause of Chest Wall Pain

First, you need to identify the cause of your chest wall pain. The cause may vary depending on where the pain is located and what it feels like. Some common causes of chest wall pain include:


  • Neuromas are scars that remain after surgery which can cause pain.
  • Shingles or post-herpetic neuralgia can cause pain in the chest wall.
  • Spine problems. The spine is one of the nervous system’s hubs and problems in the spine can lead to significant pain throughout the body.
  • Post-thoracotomy syndrome. This occurs when the nerves surrounding the ribs are damaged and is especially common after rib removal surgery.


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Chest Wall Pain Diagnosis

To identify the cause of chest wall pain, doctors in a pain clinic in Chicago will use a number of different tools and techniques.


  • The first line of action may be a physical examination. If your doctor thinks you’re struggling with a musculoskeletal problem they may just use their hands to examine the area for swelling.
  • Doctors may use a chest X-ray to determine if there are bone breaks or fractures
  • They may use nerve conduction velocity tests or electromyography
  • A musculoskeletal ultrasound may be provided


Once your chest pain has been diagnosed you can move forward with its treatment. There are many options offered. Pain clinic Chicago will be able to provide you with the appropriate treatment based on the cause of your pain.

Treating Chest Wall Pain

There are a number of different ways you can treat chest wall pain.


  • Chiropractic care may help to sort out any issues caused by joint or bone problems in the chest wall.
  • Intercostal nerve blocks may be useful for helping to numb the pain caused by damaged or compressed nerves.
  • If the chest pain is caused by an injury in your spine, then spinal cord stimulation may be useful to help restore form and function to your vertebrae.
  • Musculoskeletal problems can often be managed with a simple exercise, stretching, and physical therapy (including chiropractic care). Anti-inflammatory drugs as well as the application of heat and cold can help you manage pain.

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Your doctor may first want to try a simpler form of treatment such as medication. If your condition is caused by an infection then you may be given antibiotics in an effort to combat the infection and reduce pain.

There are a lot of different causes of chest wall pain. Understanding and diagnosing the problem properly is important. If you go to a pain clinic Chicago then you’ll be able to connect with doctors who can help you identify the cause of your problem and find an appropriate treatment.