Thank you to Country Magazine and David Rutter for a lovely article about our physician founding couple!

On their relationship:
That romance alone is another contender for a compelling opening narrative—two brilliant young physicians working together, pushing each other intellectually, and driving forth on a mission to become healers and innovators.

Regarding their relentless pursuit for finding the source of pain:
In a medical specialty that’s often awash in opioid drug over-prescription, they have built and refined systematic interventions that pull patients out of drug dependency while treating the underlying cause of pain. Their goal is to fix what is wrong without using pain pills to mask the cause.

On Stem Cell Therapy:
I have seen results with stem cell therapy that I would not have believed if I hadn’t seen it,” John says. “I have seen effects on everything from cerebral palsy to lost eyesight, joint problems to heart attack, stroke to Alzheimer’s, concussions to neuropathy.

Find the article here: The Visionaries [Full Article]

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