IPI Featured in McHenry County Living – “Iron Wills”

IPI Featured in McHenry County Living – “Iron Wills”

Illinois Pain Institute Colleagues and friends Dr. Terri Dallas-Prunskis and nurse Sue Bartoszewski are featured in an article title “Iron Wills” in McHenry County Living. Both Dr. Prunskis and Nurse Batoszewski helped each other heal from different kinds of pain. 

“We have walked together in the shadow of a rainbow”

is what Native Americans say when two people have shared a wondrous sight or experience. Dr. Terri Dallas-Prunskis and Sue Bartoszewski have taken that walk. The two women met in 1992 when Dallas-Prunskis and her husband, Dr. John Prunskis, formed a partnership with Centegra Hospital-Woodstock to develop a pain center within the facility. Ten-year staff nurse Bartoszewski was assigned to help coordinate the center. Dallas-Prunskis had arrived at Centegra along a rather circuitous route. When she was completing her residency in anesthesiology at Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, D.C., she knew that anesthesi-ology “wasn’t enough” for her. Part of her unrest came from seeing her godmother suffer from breast cancer and believing there should be “some way to block nerves and decrease the pain.” So Dallas-Prunskis applied for and was awarded a fellowship at the University of New Jersey School of Medicine, Newark, in the emerging field of pain management. She loved the work and found her calling.


Article credit: http://www.omagdigital.com/publication/?i=162510

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